[ppml] Advisory Council Activity

Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Tue Apr 15 14:31:04 EDT 2003

This information was all in my AC Report at the member meeting on 
Wednesday, but I wanted to share it with the PPML group as well.  The 
Advisory Council is actively discussing policy issues in the following 

*) The RIRs' relationship with IANA
*) A general whois AUP, similar to the bulk whois AUP
*) Amnesty Requests
*) Abuse Contact Requirements
*) Residential Customer Privacy
*) IPv6 Allocation Policy
*) Rwhois Server Operational Requirements
*) Experimental Allocations
*) ARIN's minimum IPv4 allocation/assignment size
*) Open Access Cable Issues
*) Key signing key management
*) Aggregation Requests

Several AC members are assigned to each discussion topic.  There are 
specific deliverables associated with each group (such as a policy 
proposal, a presentation of issues, etc).  When a policy proposal is ripe 
for public consumption it will be posted to the public policy mailing list 
for discussion.

If anybody has an issue related to ARIN policies that you would like the AC 
to look into, please feel free e-mail us at ac at arin.net.  Right now this is 
an open-post list, however if spam becomes an issue we may change it to 
only allow posts from subscribers to ppml at arin.net.

ARIN Advisory Council Chair

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