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1. I do not know of any ISP that runs BGP on a DSL line.
2. To run BGP, a network must be multihomed with minimum of two T1s.
3. A multihomed network that runs BGP has to announce its IP space. This
means that whether an organization receives its /24 from one of its ISPs or
from ARIN, in both cases the /24 will be announce and added to the global
routing table. This reasoning should eliminate the excuse of  not assigning
/24 because it will increase the global routing table.
4. In regard to global routing table and routers' processing power/memory,
the new routers have increased in both processing power and memory size. As
an example, even within the lower end Cisco 2600 routers series, the new
model 2600XM/2691 has a processing power increase of 33%-50% and holds two
to four times more memory than the old 2620 model. Also, with less than
$4000.00, a person could build a Linux router/server with dual Xeon or dual
Athlon processors, 4 GB PC2100 DDR SDRAM and two T1 CSU/DSU cards.  Are you
telling us that dual Xeon processors and 4 GB PC2100 DDR SDRAM is not enough
to run BGP?
5. How did ARIN came up with the /20 minimum requirement? There must be some
solid stat that supports this decision. If this decision was made for
benefiting certain groups or organizations, sooner or later the truth will
come up,  people will get informed, and honest people will take over the
decision making.

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> > Policy Proposal 2002-7: Micro-Assignments for Multihomed Organizations
> >
> > Arin should reduce the current minimum IP allocation requirement to /21
> > -/24 if an organization is multihomed and actively using AS number(s).
> > Arin may periodically inquire and verify that the multihomed
> > is actively using AS number(s). ARIN may reclaim its IP's from
> > organizations that no longer are multihomed and/or stop using AS
> > number(s).
> >
> > The following new fee schedule for /21 - /24 should be implemented as
> > follows (based on the current fee schedule with a smaller minimum):
> > $400.00 per year for /23 - /24
> multiply by 100 or 10,000 self-important <bleep>s with 2xDSL will blow
> the routing table.
> randy

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