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Jeff Urmann Jeff.Urmann at HFA-MN.ORG
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Although I would grant volume pricing, and a break on some of the reserved
space, I like this policy.  I heard from several on this list say that it
should be expected that ISPs itemize their bills any way they wish.  The
same should be true for ARIN.  How is it fair that some pay and others do
not?  Especially when the ones that do not pay, hold the most space.  Some
of that space not even used.  Am I way off base here?

I really do not want to join or start any conspiracy theories, but this is
beginning to look like the working class is paying all the taxes while the
rich get fatter.

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RE: Encouraging return of legacy space WAS Re: [ppml] ARIN Policy Proposal
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From: Jeff Urmann 
ARIN has no control over the deployment of any IPvN.  ARIN must assume 
that IPv4 is here for the foreseeable future.  ARIN`s policies must 
not rely on any replacement to the current IPv4.  All my opinion of 

ARIN just needs to focus on paying ICANN the fair-market-value RENT each
year for each of these /8s.

063/8           ARIN                                    Apr 97
064/8           ARIN                                    Jul 99
065/8           ARIN                                    Jul 00
066/8           ARIN                                    Jul 00
067/8           ARIN                                    May 01
068/8           ARIN                                    Jun 01
069/8           ARIN                                    Aug 02
199/8           ARIN - North America                    May 93
200/8           ARIN - Central and South America        May 93
204/8           ARIN - North America                    Mar 94
205/8           ARIN - North America                    Mar 94
206/8           ARIN - North America                    Apr 95
207/8           ARIN - North America                    Nov 95
208/8           ARIN - North America                    Apr 96
209/8           ARIN - North America                    Jun 96
216/8           ARIN - North America                    Apr 98

At $168 million dollars (each) per year, that is a lot to focus on...

Jim Fleming
2002:[IPv4]:000X:03DB:...IPv8 is closer than you think...IPv16 is even

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