[ppml] Last Call for Comment: Policy Proposal 2002-6 REALITY CHECK

Dr. Jeffrey Race jrace at attglobal.net
Wed Nov 13 23:52:36 EST 2002

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002 19:30:49 -0500, McBurnett, Jim wrote:
>But what is the solution?
>The spammer is usually blocked by each and every end user, the ISP  of 
the end-user being spammed or the ISP of the spammer.
>If any of these are done then should the block change hands we are still 
left with the problem.

Well my firm is a continuing spam victim so I will pitch in here with
a reality check.   Blocklisting IP address space is the ONLY thing that
works to stop spam, and its use is definitely going to increase until
the bodies in charge of allocating space become active rather than 
passive about the pollution of the space they manage.   

I have had many quarrels with ICANN about this, who are somnolent
in regard to such simple matters as brazenly fraudulent domain
name registrations.

My attempts to get ARIN and APNIC to go after fraudulent or
negligently managed IP address space have not, to put it gently, been
crowned with glorious success.    If you can't even do that, then
you have to expect the unhappy consequences you are whining about in
this thread.

In fact, the managers of domain names and IP address space, if they
want to avoid the nightmarish jungle the Internet is becoming, are
going have to act on the spam issue.   There is just no other way;
otherwise the Net will be destroyed as a valid medium for e-mail.

I have plenty of ideas what to do, which could be codified in RFCs.
See <www.camblab.com/nugget/nugget.htm>.  Enjoy.

Kind regards to all,

Jeffrey Race
Cambridge Electronics Laboratories

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