Virtual WebHosting Policy Rewording

Bill Darte billd at
Mon Apr 16 15:22:31 EDT 2001

After consideration of suggested changes in the wording associated with the
the Virtual Web Hosting policy voiced on mail lists and the ARIN meetings of
April, the Advisory Council suggests the following slight change in wording.

Note that the AC considers this a policy to be recomemended to the Board of
Trustees after this 'final call' for input.  It requires ISPs to provide
technical justification for IP address space allocations to be used for
IP-based web hosting and ARIN Registration Services staff to collect this
information.  Over time this information will be aggregated in a fashion
which elimates specific customer/vendor references, and used by ARIN and
members to review this policy for change.

Bill Darte
Advisory Council

ARIN subscription holders who provide virtual webhosting services to their
customers, and organizations that request new address space from ARIN, are
strongly encouraged to employ a name-based system of webhosting -- a
current best practice method which enables multiple domains to be hosted
by a single IP address. In contrast, an IP-based system requires a
distinct IP number for each domain, which, where not required for the
technical basis of services offered, is an inefficient use of addresses.
Widespread use of the name-based system will significantly reduce the
number of addresses needed for webhosting and will help to conserve the
limited supply of available address space.


When an ISP submits a request for IP address space to be used for IP-based
webhosting, they will supply technical justification for this practice. ARIN
will collect this data for review of the policy in light of operational

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