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On 16 Oct 2018, at 2:52 AM, Patrick Laughton <patrick.laughton at teleperformance.com<mailto:patrick.laughton at teleperformance.com>> wrote:

"As a member, you’re subscribed to ARIN-Discuss, a member-only forum offering our member community a platform to discuss ARIN-specific issues such as, but not limited to internal policies and fee structures.
So, no, not all of us explicitly signed up -- I didn't, and dangit, I'm running out of popcorn.

Patrick -

Indeed, it might be better said that “You were explicitly signed up when you became an ARIN member”, as IP number resources are managed in each of the five regions by membership organizations.  We do encourage members to participate in discussions of ARIN’s services and policies (since the alternative to community-based governance would be some kind of top-down regulatory structure for administration of all of this…)

We’ll work on interception of “unsubscribe” emails to the list, and that should help some with keeping the discussions on topic.  It is hoped that per-post moderation of the list is not necessary, but we’ll reevaluate next year once we’ve got “unsubscribe” messages diverted from posting.


John Curran
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