[arin-discuss] IPv6 as justification for IPv4?

Michael Tague tague at win.net
Wed Apr 24 14:53:58 EDT 2013

Another reason that a linear (or proportionate) fee schedule might make
sense would be this.

I suspect that a great deal of ARIN's cost has ultimately been because IPv4
was too small and IPv6 had to be developed and promoted while in the
mean-time IPv4 had to be carefully managed.   If IPv6 had been the standard
from the beginning, I suspect ARIN would be a far sleepier and smaller
organization than it has been.

This means that much of ARIN's cost is really an overall industry issue.
As such, the question is how best to tax the industry to pay for it.   In
fairness, something proportionate to the size of an organization and its
involvement in the industry would make sense.   Something based on IP
allocation as a surrogate for size/involvement would seem to be a credible

According to the information John provided, only about 1/3 of ARINs cost are
the registry services, almost 2/3s is everything else.   Surely, the
everything else should be proportionately charged to the industry


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On 4/24/13 6:33 AM, Owen DeLong wrote:
> I cannot see any justification for an expectation that incumbents should
be forced to subsidize new entrants.

elsewhere, it is observed that "less than 1% (its closer to around
0.5%) individual allocations account for more than half of the number of
allocated addresses."

arin's fees could be based on expectations other than a naive notion of
"subsidy", by the 1% or less, or of the 1% or less.

it seems to me, and i don't intend to convince anyone, merely to express my
thoughts, that here, as in another area of unique identifier allocation, the
choice is not limited to "no cost to incumbent", as the resource exists for
purposes other than providing profits to one or more parties exercising
something approaching market power.

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