[arin-discuss] IPv6 as justification for IPv4?

Michael Tague tague at win.net
Mon Apr 22 17:10:22 EDT 2013

Yes, NeuStar operates NPAC on a contract so that is a bit different than
ARIN, but, on the other hand, it is a number resource like ARIN operated on
behalf of its industry (and the public) like ARIN which needs to raise its
operating funds from the industry it serves like ARIN.

I suspect that many of the same arguments apply to NPAC as have been
discussed here with ARIN such as the relative costs of large versus small

In NPAC's case they opted for purely linear with an exemption for the small
guys.   The telephone industry has been around a lot longer than the
Internet so perhaps there is something to learn there.

So the question remains:  is there really any justification for charging the
largest ISPs hundreds of times less per IP than the small and medium size


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On 4/22/13 12:29 PM, Michael Tague wrote:
> How do other organizations do it?    In the telephone world there is NPAC
> which handles number porting.   They are an ARIN like group ...

Um. That's currently NeuStar dude. Not "ARIN like" for very large values of

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