[arin-discuss] IPv6 as justification for IPv4?

Jesse D. Geddis jesse at la-broadband.com
Tue Apr 16 13:14:40 EDT 2013

What's funny is the model some these guys are arguing for is a tax model like:

We pay 10% until our income is $100,000

At which point we should pay no more than $10,000 total in taxes/fees on all income past a trillion and into infinity. It doesn't make sense...

If you're going to make a linear scale keep it linear. 

Jesse Geddis
LA Broadband LLC

On Apr 16, 2013, at 6:55 AM, "rlc at usfamily.net" <rlc at usfamily.net> wrote:

> If I understand the ARIN revenue "needs" as approximately $8 per class C
> correctly, that means we are paying almost 6x more than that (in our particular
> case).  It would seem that a lot of you on the list don't seem to care that big
> ISP's get their IP's at a discounted rate, thus putting the rest of us at a
> market disadvantage.  I knew exactly where the thread go when I pulled it
> (nowhere), but it is amusing to watch the action.
> I did see somewhat of a new bizarre response this time around, though.  Someone
> actually likened this to getting the rich to "pay their fair share".  Perhaps
> they didn't notice, but nobody was advocating for a progressive tax.   Quite
> the contrary, we are talking about a "flat tax" to replace the current heavily
> REGRESSIVE tax.  Thus, that was one of the most preposterous responses ever.
> I have heard continual whining about lack of IPv6 adoption, while ARIN refuses
> to adopt policies to encourage it.  Stop the whining, or do something about it.
> In the meantime, the big ISP's will continue to pull the strings.
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