[arin-discuss] IPv6 as justification for IPv4?

John Springer springer at inlandnet.com
Mon Apr 15 19:43:31 EDT 2013

Hi Jesse

On Mon, 15 Apr 2013, Jesse D. Geddis wrote:

> Also, regarding ARINs costs. I'm curious to know what the other options
  and their price was vs this retreat ARIN is doing to Trinidad... Is that
  really the best, most economical use of our fees? How many IPs are in use
  there? I was pretty appalled when I saw that show up in my inbox. Surely
  ARIN can find better uses for our funds than such extravagance...

Residents of the Caribbean are ARIN members and members of the community. 
Also, Canada! IMO, it is equitable to site meetings in other ARIN nations 
occasionally, that attendees from them may have more modest travel costs. 
Not to mention that entering the good ole USA as a furriner is rather less 
fun than it used to be.


John Springer

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