[arin-discuss] tweak to proposed fee schedule

Rob Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Fri Apr 12 13:13:04 EDT 2013

Michael Sinatra <michael+ppml at burnttofu.net> writes:

> For the record, I have proposed this fee schedule tweak on PPML--twice
> so far.  The closest thing I have received to an objection from that
> mailing list is that I should take it to -discuss, which I did.  I plan
> to go back to PPML with a summary of what has been discussed on this
> list.  Beyond that, I am not sure how to make a more formal proposal to
> the Board regarding fees.  (It's probably on documented on somewhere,
> but, as you have seen, I can be a bit lazy at looking these things up. :) )

It probably ought to get submitted via ACSP as well.


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