[arin-discuss] Encouraging IPv6 Transition (From PPML)

Mike Horwath drechsau at iphouse.net
Tue May 15 09:54:41 EDT 2012

Some have had IPv6 running for a long time. <flex>

I think one area everyone has skipped is the "cloud" providers.  By default most hypervisor management systems do to support IPv6 at all, or the company itself hasn't started the work of coding such.

I've seen nothing from Amazon or Rackspace, and vCloud-based providers don't have the pieces from VMware (though vSphere 4+ support IPv6 natively).  CloudStack and OpenStack are both lacking as well. (we support IPv6 in our vCloud environment but only on direct connect or external firewall set ups)

I bring this up because that is an area where big content also lives.  Netflix on IPv6 would create some traction..

Mike Horwath via iPad 2, electric boogaloo!

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