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michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Sep 28 18:12:47 EDT 2009

> I think we need to have services available that force the 
> IPv6 service to made available so that there is a competitive 
> advantage to the ISP who can support it.
> Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Seek out organizations planning to offer some new form of content
service on the Internet, and talk to them (privately) to urge them
to incorporate IPv6 into their plans. Point out that they will be
forced into IPv6 anyway, so it is better if they incorporate it
now while it is not quite mission critical. Point out that the large
ISPs will all need some form of carrot to bundle with their IPv6
access services when the crunch day comes in a year or two, and that
someone with a new content service, could leverage that situation by
negotiating a package deal where the ISP would offer them IPv6 hosting
services as well as giving them access to the ISPs newly IPv6

The new content services could be anything that targets a large, mainly
consumer, audience. Could be some kind of Internet TV channel, a major
newspaper switching from print distribution to Internet only. The
business model would essentially be that the ISP takes a slice of the
consumer's IPv6 access charge and gives it to the content provider
in return for exclusive access to the service. You should be able to
see how that is an alternative to the typical advertising or subscriber
business models that newspapers use (in TV it is OTA or pay-per-view).

For this to work you would really need a bundle of varied content 
services, i.e. one news source (newspaper?), one entertainment source
(TV channels or films), one social network (trump Facebook or Twitter),
and so on. Maybe something based on Google Wave, or similar. Maybe
some walled garden chat service that does AOL one better.

I don't know how TV is sold in the USA, but in England, people pay a
fee for satellite television that includes a basic package of channels,
then pay additional monthly fees for additional bundles of channels.
This idea kind of takes off from that without being specifically about
TV, i.e. TV-like Internet content is only one form of content and each
form of content is like a channel. There is only one bundle, but you can
only get it if you upgrade to IPv6 service on one specific ISP.

Of course there is no guarantee that big ISPs will do anything like this
until years after IPv4 runout, and small ISPs probably can't do this
they organize like IGA Independent Grocers Association, IDA Independent 
Druggists Association, to get sufficient buying power. Or someone could
build this and syndicate it out to lots of small to mid-size regional

--Michael Dillon

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