[arin-discuss] ipv6 technology supplier phone bank?

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Sep 24 17:27:37 EDT 2009

> I'd look at the FTTH Council as well.  FTTH is going to be a 
> big push and I suspect user of IPv6 enabled widgets.

FTTH just connects the same networks with different wires.
Nothing special there. In addition it is all being done by
existing holders of large amounts of IPv4 space. If that's
where they want to assign IPv4 addresses, so be it.

But the smart grid is doing something new, and that is where
we should push IPv6. In fact, when ARIN comes across something
like that, we should investigate to see if they are planning
on using IPv4, and if so, send an official communique to 
whatever organization warning them that they are unlikely 
to ever get any IPv4 addresses for their project. 

Fortunately the smart grid folks are waking up to this. Basically,
if something new doesn't kick-off within about a year or so,
it is game over. There will likely be a land rush for the
last IPv4 ranges causing run-out to happen 6 months to a year
earlier than projected. 

Incumbents will be OK because they can churn low margin products
over to IPv6 to free up IPv4 for high margin stuff or for
big customers that they can't afford to lose.

--Michael Dillon

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