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Brent Sweeny sweeny at indiana.edu
Thu Sep 24 10:23:50 EDT 2009

I agree with Michael (and others) as well.

re v6 readiness, Ron Broersma of DREN has done a LOT of good work
evaluating everything along the application/appliance chain and
identifying what still doesn't work, or work well. Vendors need to know
that we as consumers really *do* care--else they'll continue to claim
that there's 'no demand' for v6 (and v6 performance parity with v4) in
their products.

Christopher Morrow wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 3:40 AM,  <michael.dillon at bt.com> wrote:
>>> If we manage to push off the exhaustion date by five or six
>>> months, what have we accomplished?  Would that effort not
>>> have been better spent on advancing the cause of IPv6, or
>>> developing interoperability standards for carrier-grade NAT,
>>> or whatever your vision for salvation in a post-IPv4-runout world is?
>> I agree with Rob here. Heroic efforts to extend the IPv4 address
>> lifetime are misplaced. If there is a desire to expend a heroic
> I agree with this.
>> effort on something, it should be directed at removing the barriers
>> to full-blown IPv6 deployment. Any would-be heroes should sit down
> <jumps in time machine>
>> at the phone and start calling minor equipment vendors and software
>> vendors to find out when they will support IPv6. Any bit of software
>> used in network operational support or by home users needs to be
>> IPv6 capable.
> agreed, keeping in mind there all sorts of things out there that
> aren't feature compatible v4/v6 (lookie a recently released product,
> the Juniper EX platform...sad panda)
> Customers of vendors really need to be clear (and follow through)
> about what things they want in the products offered.
>> Maybe ARIN could organize an IPv6 awareness sprint, and provide a room
>> full of phones, with coffee and snacks for the volunteers?
> It might be nice if someone (didn't one of the ipv6 taskforce people
> do this) gather as many varied and sundry network devices + softwares
> and matrix them against a set of 'capabilities' , publicize the matrix
> and push vendors to answer why they aren't matching more of the
> capabilities.
> Just phone calls isn't gonna help (unless it's a majority of the
> vendors customers of course).
> -Chris
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