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On 9/22/09 11:30 AM, "Alex Ryu" <alex.ryu at kdlinc.com> wrote:

> In that case, what about additional burden that ARIN carries for this
> additional info ?
> Does ARIN require to verify the validity of Business License or TAX ID info ?
> If ARIN doesn't verify, it is another meaningless information.
> If they do, it will be a lot of burden.

Well, ARIN is not going to stop application fraud or spam. If it makes
application fraud harder, I don't have a problem with ARIN expanding it's
fraud screening to all new applicants if they don't already or improving
fraud screening. I personally would prefer that it be charged back to the
new applicants in a (hopefully not so high) one-time screening fee, but
beyond that, if the burden is to help make a better product, that's great.

I think "deposits" or non-refundable payments in advance are problematic.
Tying up capital means you can't use it. It's hard to get deposits
multi-year payments approved for this kind of stuff corporate wise (capital
costs) and for small businesses that need their capital, this is unfair to
some extent. We don't want to make it more difficult for everyone to get
resources. Just fraudsters.



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