[arin-discuss] ARIN billing practice

Jon Radel jradel at vantage.com
Tue Sep 22 12:03:13 EDT 2009

Alex Ryu wrote:
> Also, if somebody is trying to setup bogus company, probably he/she can setup bogus company registered in local TAX authority any way using proxy person or some people, who will be much thankful to get some money out of their name or identity. 

Thinking back to my experience forming a Virginia corporation, running 
it for a bit, and then killing it off, I'd say that in Virginia (since 
we've already come up in this discussion) if you've got around $150 and 
the patience to fill out a couple of forms (they're really short) you 
can have a corporation, EIN (tax id from the IRS), and business license 
with nobody much caring who the officers are (if anybody who actually 
exists even) or what you do.  If you mess up big time, then, yes the 
authorities start to care and have penalties for various infractions, 
but they most certainly don't check anything ahead of time.  If you 
start to sell shares publicly, then, yes, some new agencies that actual 
take a look at you enter the picture.  But frankly, if you don't make 
waves and remember to file a tax return every year, nobody looks at your 
little private corporation.

Oh, and these days I'm the treasurer of a perfectly legitimate 
non-profit organization that doesn't need a business license and 
consequently doesn't have one, though we do have an EIN.

So, sorry, but I quite agree that verification of EIN and business 
license does little other than filter out applications with completely 
fictional information;  I've always found the ARIN paperwork harder to 
fill out than the corporation commission or EIN request forms, so I'm 
not sure this represents a useful barrier.

In any case, without a tight definition of what "bogus company" actually 
means, I don't see this becoming actionable policy.

--Jon Radel
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