[arin-discuss] process and description of meetings

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Mon Jun 15 16:58:05 EDT 2009

Lee Howard wrote:
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>> Lee Howard wrote:
>>> The Draft Policy is the text that goes to the public policy meetings.  
>> Alternating with other informative presentations, every
>>> Draft is presented to the people present (including remote participants),
>>> beginning with a history of the proposal, including a summary of the debate so 
>> far.  For instance, for proposal 2009-4 presented in San
>>> Antonio, we learned that 18 people had made 58 posts, of whom 3 were in favor, 
>> and 4 were against it (the rest apparently weren't
>>> clear about their positions).  
>> But, Lee, this is EXACTLY how it works In Real Life, ie: in real
>> government.
> "The rest weren't clear [in their posts] about their positions."
> Clarification added.
> .. . . 
>> Your making, I think, a rather insulting assumption that the people who
>> don't post about a topic are failing to post because they are unclear,
>> or confused, or have trouble following it.
> No, the point was that we couldn't tell from their posts what their 
> position was.

Why do they have to have a position?  It is perfectly possible to argue
a position yet not take it yourself.  My wife makes me do that every
time she picks out a pair of shoes in the store!!! ;-)


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