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Steve and All The Frustrated People,I feel your pain.  I can barely keep
track of the analogies, let alone support of policies!  I would like to
chime in with Dan here.  You all elected us, and we are here to help you and
do our best for the community.  Please feel free to contact us if you need
clarification or to express your support or opposition of a policy.
I thank you for participating. More than that, I thank you for caring enough
to take the time for thoughtful responses.  Please don't give up!

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 9:03 AM, Alexander, Daniel <
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> Steve,
> You are not alone in your thoughts below. Many people feel that way, and
> it is also a topic of conversation within the ARIN AC.
> One thing I would offer is that you do have the Advisory Council at your
> disposal. You should feel free to contact any one of us off list if you
> have questions about the topics being discussed.
> Most people on these lists all have day jobs, and keeping up with the
> mailing lists can be a challenge.
> Thanks,
> Dan Alexander
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> Being a relatively young person in this Internet world, and the roles I
> hold at the small organization I work for, I would formally like to say
> that I can not keep up with the pace of the PPML, and therefore can not
> properly make *informed* decisions on current policy matters.
> It is very disconcerting to me that I am just not political nor
> available enough to deal with the current issues at hand.
> Recently, I received a reply from Mr. Herrin, and regretfully, I don't
> even know how to reply to his message, as I don't have the time to think
> about how I really feel about it. (I'm honoured that I received a
> response from such a prolific and honourable member of our community
> though).
> I have so many things to say, but feel that there is no where to say
> them. I have many gripes, but can't complain...
> Informally:
> Are there any other ARIN members out there who are overwhelmed by the
> politics and shit that happen on the PPML and just can't keep up? Am I
> in a closet where I'm the only baby v4 holder listening?
> I'm sure there are other small(er) orgs out there (I'm but a /21 and /32
> holder) who can feel my pain of either not wanting to deal with the
> politics individually, or are not able to deal with the politics
> individually.
> I'd like to know whether it would be worth-while trying to configure a
> group of 'small' participants who can discuss issues off-list based on
> what is on-list, and then react as a voice of many after aggregating the
> understanding of each other.
> Discussion and off-list feedback requested.
> Aside from my rant, I'd also like to personally thank John Curran who
> replied to my last -discuss message with a very informative, timely and
> understandable response. It was just pure irony that Mr. Vixie's email
> slipped through at about that same time that solidified your response to
> me ;)
> Steve
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