[arin-discuss] Co-ordination with other RIRs

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Fri Jun 5 21:55:36 EDT 2009

On Jun 5, 2009, at 8:00 PM, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> ...
> After following these lists for the last few days, it almost seems as
> that we (ARIN) are trying to fight the same battles as they are.
> It didn't take me long to realize that many of the members on the PPML
> are also over there, so that got me thinking...
> Is there any consideration ever put into what the 'other guys' are  
> doing
> when policy is created? More importantly, are there any global
> discussions that take place, so that one area can benefit from the
> experience of the other RIRs?

Steve -

   Excellent question...  short answer is "Yes".

   Both the ARIN Advisory Council and ARIN Board note developments
   in the other regions with respect to new policy initiatives. In
   fact, this is one of the major reasons why we make certain to
   have an AC member present at each RIR meeting (to bring back
   important issues and discussions for all of the AC members
   to consider).

   When policy proposals are presented at ARIN's public policy
   meeting, we make sure to mention any similar policy proposals
   underway in other regions for similar reasons.  Finally, the
   staff actively engages with the staff of the other RIR's to
   be aware of policy discussions as the happen, and can also
   make the ARIN AC aware of any discussions which might prove

   Overall, there's a high level of awareness.  We intentionally
   don't run single global discussions on policy, because it
   would be rather unwieldy but also because there are often
   local issues that need to be considered.  This means that
   folks who wish to follow *all* of the various discussions
   for any given topic do need to get used to tracking each
   region's discussion, but you can often just track one RIR
   discussion and the most significant discussion points will
   be raised in any case.


John Curran
Acting President and CEO

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