[arin-discuss] Anyone play with IPv6 on the RV4000?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Mon Jun 2 18:02:47 EDT 2008

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> bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:
> > 
> > 		If there is a marketing push for IPv6, we, as a 
> community will have
> > 	failed.  One might as well push CLNP, or NSAP, or 
> DECnetPhaseV. The "market"
> > 	for transport protocols in the commodity sector is almost nil.
> > 
> > 		What sells is access and content. The delivery 
> vehicle is moot as far
> > 	as the commodity sector is concerned. From and 
> -engineering- standpoint, if you
> > 	can persuade the marketing folks that they can continue 
> to sell access and content
> > 	(services) now and into the future - at a lower cost 
> tot he company, then you
> > 	are likely to not lose your job. :)
> If you're talking about a marketing push from ISPs, etc., 
> then you're right.
> But in the original context of equipment vendors, I think it 
> is entirely 
> appropriate for vendors to tout their equipment's features, 
> whether it's 
> IPv6, OSPF, BGP, or 802.11n.  If they don't even *list* IPv6 as a 
> feature, that says something not-so-good...

Remember that Bill said "commodity sector"

Your talking "business sector" I think.

If you want to create a marketing buzz about IPv6 then have Janet
Jackson paint "IPv6" on her boobs and then pull off her bra at
the next Super Bowl halftime show.  That will give you more
market awareness of what IPv6 is among the "commodity sector"
than all of the education that we can do in our corner of the
woods here.

It just how the commodity market works.  Individually they
may be intelligent, together they are stupid as rocks.


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