Correcting the mistake

J Bacher jb at JBACHER.COM
Thu Sep 14 10:27:35 EDT 2000

> 1) Retract the policy regarding justification based on IP-based virtual 
> hosts.  Re-announce the policy, with an effective date 90 or 120 days 
> later.   Personally, I'd be ok with 90 days, but some may not be, they may 
> need a little more time to convert.

With our without effective solutions to implement?

> 3) A summary of reasons for the policy change - in other words, have ARIN 
> justify its policies to the membership, just as we must justify our 
> requests for address space.

What justification process do you see being implemented that prioritizes
one type of allocation [dial-up, dedicated] over another
[webservers]?  Non-bias and consistency in the application of IP address
provisioning should be part of policy.

>From the arguments that I've seen, pro and con this change, this appears
to be no more than a band-aid to the real problem.  Unless major web
hosting companies migrate a large percentage of their respective IP
addressed based webservers to virtuals, I can't see that, overall, we've
saved much IP address space.

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