Correcting the mistake

Dave Stewart dbs at
Thu Sep 14 08:37:48 EDT 2000

I've been watching the debate here, and I'm not interested in rehashing 
what's already been said from both sides - I think browser compatibility is 
a non-issue, and I realize there are valid issues regarding bandwidth 

But those aren't my point -

I've taken Alec up on his offer to present solutions to the meeting in 
Herndon - I won't be able to make it, so I passed these things on to him 
(and I appreciate his offer to present these for those who can't be there):

1) Retract the policy regarding justification based on IP-based virtual 
hosts.  Re-announce the policy, with an effective date 90 or 120 days 
later.   Personally, I'd be ok with 90 days, but some may not be, they may 
need a little more time to convert.

2) Future policy changes should be announced with effective dates *no 
sooner* than 90 days after announcement.

3) A summary of reasons for the policy change - in other words, have ARIN 
justify its policies to the membership, just as we must justify our 
requests for address space.

Some you will certainly say that even 120 days isn't sufficient 
time.  However, before you get out the flame thrower, take a couple of deep 
breaths, and think about this....

You don't have to have everything converted in 120 days - only if you're 
going to be applying for additional space after that.  You would only need 
to have it converted before applying for another block.

The truth is, if we all did IP-based only where we needed it (yes, I know 
that for some of your companies, *all* your domains are billed on traffic, 
etc, so you need it for all domains), we could each stretch our own 
allocations further.  I know that as I convert those sites that don't 
absolutely have to have it, I'm going to be reclaiming a /24.

It seems to me that if your business model is built around billing for 
bandwidth/utilization, that should be sufficient justification, as well.

Certainly it's all a big PITA.  Converting web sites takes time, 
reconfiguring things takes time - and none of us has enough time in a 
day/week/month/whatever to get done with with what we already have stacked 
up to do.

Anyway - maybe my suggestions will be seen favorably by a majority  - maybe 
not.  I simply advance them for consideration.

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