guideline for name-based web hosting justification

Mike Horwath drechsau at
Wed Sep 13 10:15:32 EDT 2000

On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 08:50:05AM -0600, Alec H. Peterson wrote:
> My point was that I can't stand excuses for doing 'the right thing',
> especially when people insist on working against an organization that is
> only trying to help.  ARIN is not making these policy changes to make
> everybodys' lives more difficult.  ARIN is making the changes because it has
> a responsibility to stretch IP space in its region of the world as far as
> possible.

ARIN could help stretch IP space by running around the different net
blocks and finding the unused space and reclaiming it.

Sure, there will be some pissed off people who have /16s that they are
using maybe a /22 out of, but so what?  That is a lot of address space
that can be reassigned.

We pay ARIN a fee to 'manage' our IP space, I would like some of that
fee to go to reclaimation of wasted IP space by small colleges, small
companies, and individuals who have who have space they aren't using.

This name-based virtual hosting item is something that is going to
take time to recover from, period, and when I go to ARIN in a couple
of weeks there is no way in hell I will be able to convert current
customers to it, nor can I convert 70% of them and I will need to
figure out how to resolve that issue.

The points are:

	dropping the bomb is not fun, this new decision, while made
	with other ARIN members, was sudden in its announcement and
	did not give anyone a chance to start the cleanup before the
	punishment is handed out.

	there are a ton of IPs available on the 'net that are
	allocated and underused - relaim those and these worries about
	IP depletion can be put off for another couple of years.

	random people with random comments about how my business is
	supposed to be run is just not nice.

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