guideline for name-based web hosting justification

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Mon Sep 11 16:06:38 EDT 2000

Sounds like they are using a double edged sword to answer their own
questions. Don't do that but its ok to continue if you want to. What is the
point of the policy then? If that is the case the it should be stricken
(SP?) fromt he records until better methods are found.. There might be Web
hosting companies out there that do namebased virtuals.. But they already do
that. If there were not other technical problems wih it everyone would have
already switched.

The fact they think we waste space on purpose is obsurd. So we can say 'I
have more space that you' no we do this because our business need it..


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I have had several conversations with ARIN regarding this new policy.  I
was also told that(as asked earlier by Hyunseog Ryu), I have also been told
that it is not necessary to forward each request for ARIN's approval or
exception to the policy. I have been told that as long as it's not for IP
based hosting it would be considered acceptable use.
In fact this is the quote that was sent to me from ARIN:

	".... Please continue to issue static IP addresses to your customers
	who state they are offering a service that is not technically
	complaint with name-based hosting...."

Hope this helps to give some of you insite.

Sharon Burns
IP Administrator
Rackspace Managed Hosting
112 East Pecan St.  Ste. 600
San Antonio, TX 78240

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For those of us that do accounting via IP how do you expect us to us Name
Based Virtuals? Until there is a method for accounting all traffic to a
domain name without using IP I see this as totally unreasonable. We base
of our security filters and traffic filters on a customers IP assigned to
them. We also have hardware that can not support name based virtuals and
thus has a NIC card for each site? Explain IN DETAIL the method used to
account for these in our requests.

As example if I have 200,000 websites you want me to fit all of this into a
/32 or even a /24 that is TOTALLY unreasonable. DETAILS please on how you
are going to justify this?

Also why not go through the aollocations and start retreiving numbers back
from Companies and schools that have more than they need? All you are doing
is slowing down the Internet's growth. Make web hosting companies get to
high %90 utils before allow more allocation.

I would like some input on this as I am sure the rest of the planet would

Matthew S. Bailey

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Dear Sir/Madam

Good morning!
I read new ARIN's policy regarding to web hosting.

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