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David Farmer farmer at
Mon Nov 8 12:01:43 EST 2021


I understand the desire, and possibly the need, to set a minimum level of
participation in the governance of ARIN for an organization to maintain
general membership status in ARIN. However, voting, including the recording
of their presence or an abstention, instead of recoding votes for
candidates, is not the only way to participate in ARIN's governance.
Sending attendees to public policy and/or member meetings, either in-person
or virtually, standing for nomination, or otherwise volunteering for
committees, are all at least as participatory in ARIN's governance as
voting, if not more in most cases.

Why are these other forms of participation excluded in favor of only voting
as a means to demonstrate an organization's participation in ARIN's
governance to maintain general membership status?

I'll note that there are other reasons than participating in ARIN's
governance to attend public policy and/or member meetings. However, I see
no harm in assuming that is at least partially the intent for the general
membership of ARIN.

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