Re: [ARIN-consult] Reminder - Consultation on ARIN’s Membership Structure

Owen DeLong owen at
Sun Nov 7 10:13:04 EST 2021

>> I’m talking about the case for organizations that get a renewal invoice for the new inflated fee and pay it without taking any other action, indicating that it’s not at all unlikely that
>> the AP department received a pre-approved bill, tossed all the additional matter from the envelope (likely including the envelope) into the round file and paid the bill, never having brought the changes to the attention of anyone who might care about anything beyond paying the bill.
> You were postulating the risk of ARIN disenfranchising end-user organizations of their general members status due to our limited ability to contact them reliably – I was simply noting that contact difficulties are most often the result of contact information that hasn’t been updated in years, and is far less likely to be an issue for such end-user organizations as they will have recently provided current contact information in the process of becoming a general member. 

I’m talking about the auto-transition that comes up as a result of the change to the billing structure, where the current plan AIUI is to default them into the disenfranchised bucket unless they take proactive action.

I presume that end user organizations are being converted to this new billing scheme regardless of how old their contact information is, so I’m not understanding how you think this is a solved problem.


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