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>> Given ARIN’s historically limited ability to reliably contact end user organizations in a verifiable manner, I think that’s a valid concern.
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> The general case of notification of end-user organizations via obsolete contact information is a valid concern, but is in this particular case the end-user organizations will have just provided updated information (for use as their voting point of contact), so I don’t believe that reliable notification would prove to be an issue.

Color me confused… If they’ve provided a voting contact, then they’ve responded and effectively expressed a designation of someone that they want to vote on their behalf, therefore indicating a desire to vote.

I’m talking about the case for organizations that get a renewal invoice for the new inflated fee and pay it without taking any other action, indicating that it’s not at all unlikely that
the AP department received a pre-approved bill, tossed all the additional matter from the envelope (likely including the envelope) into the round file and paid the bill, never having brought the changes to the attention of anyone who might care about anything beyond paying the bill.


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