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Officer Attestation has been written into ARIN policy in two places; Section 8.5.5. [Specified Transfer] Block Size, and the last paragraph of Section 9. Out of Region Use.

That is correct.   There’s also additional operational processes that call officer attestation related to parties recovering rights to number resources which are no longer appropriately attributed in the registry, and related anti-fraud situations.

I assume the changes to ARIN's processes and procedures proposed by this consultation WOULD NOT affect these two situations, unless or until an actual policy change is implemented through the PDP. Is this a correct assumption?

That is correct - the proposed change to officer attestation is only for needs-assessment document requests and would not affect the two circumstances specified in the NRPM.

Therefore, this consultation only relates to other situations where an Officer Attestation is included in ARIN's processes and procedures and not those that are written into ARIN policy. Based on that assumption, I support the changes proposed in this consultation.

Excellent - good to know.

Furthermore, I do not support any changes to policy regarding Officer Attestation at this time.

Acknowledged, and for avoidance of doubt, ARIN staff is not suggesting any changes to number resource policy in this regard either.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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