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On 12 Apr 2021, at 4:09 PM, David Farmer <farmer at umn.edu<mailto:farmer at umn.edu>> wrote:
Thanks for this information, it is very helpful.  Does this include Legacy Holders? I assume not. Would it be possible to get at least the distribution by Category for the Legacy Holders with LRSAs, the financials are going to be quite different, but the distribution for Legacy Holders would also be informative.

David -

We’ll work on getting that distribution together - I’ll note that the financials for LRSA customers I just sent and it is fairly modest amounts given the fee cap (at least for the next few years)

I would like to suggest you consider a plan for notification, especially for end-users with the largest increases. Maybe something like the following;

1. A note with everyone's 2021 Invoice calling attention to how the 2022 fee scheduled changes will impact them.
2. A registered letter to any Organization with an increase above a certain threshold, maybe $2,000.
3. Further, direct staff contact with any Organization with an increase above an even larger threshold, maybe $10,000.

We had planned several of these once the fee change is official, but that cannot occur until we are both post-consultation and Board consideration.

I agree that appropriate notification is important, and have taken note of the suggestion for more notification, tiered, and as early as possible.

I'm also concerned with the timing of the increases, especially for anyone who has already received their 2021 Invoice already, or that will receive their Invoice prior to finalizing the 2022 fee schedule. Most organizations budget for cost increases, but for many involved here this is a rather sizable increase, well beyond what most organizations would typically put in their budget. As a general rule, I would like to see anyone with a sizable increase receive at least 12 months notice, and 18 months would be even better.

Excellent point - in the past we’ve had fee deferrals for some categories that experienced very large changes, and that might be appropriate for the handful of those finding themselves suddenly facing a very significant change.   In other words, we would still change the fee schedule effective 2022, but provide a specific waiver from implementation for some tiers so that customers could plan accordingly - excellent suggestion.


John Curran
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