[ARIN-consult] Consultation on ARIN Fees

Andrew Dul andrew.dul at quark.net
Mon Apr 12 12:06:53 EDT 2021

On 4/12/2021 8:06 AM, John Curran wrote:
> On 11 Apr 2021, at 9:14 PM, Andrew Dul <andrew.dul at quark.net> wrote:
>> On 4/9/21 1:38 PM, ARIN wrote:
>>>      * Implementing a $100 fee for OrgCreate and OrgRecovery transactions
>> Does the orgcreate fee apply when an org wishes to create an orgrecord for the purposes of receiving a detailed reassignment from a existing ARIN member?
> Andrew -
> 	Yes, we are proposing the Organization create  fee in order to cover the administration in setting up a new organization with ARIN – this includes the vetting of the organizational record and points-of-contact.
> Thanks,
> /John

While I understand the desire to recover costs associated with formally 
setting up a new org in the database.  I would suggest that we don't 
want create a significant financial disincentive for members to not 
appropriately create detailed reassignments for organizations where they 
should be created.

I suggest that an existing member could be permitted to 'sponsor' 
orgcreation for a number of new orgs per 'year'.  e.g. an X-Large member 
could sponsor the orgcreation of 10 new orgs for the purpose of detailed 
reassignments per year.

I realize this is perhaps more complicated than just a fee per org creation.


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