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However, if $25/year is a contractual maximum increase in some older LRSAs, then it can't be sped up for those legacy resource holders. From Owen's response, it seems like it was.

Richard -

The $25/year limit in increase was included in the LRSA agreement for a number of years, and we have been handling it as if present for all LRSA agreements to maintain equitable fees for similar customers in comparable situations.   It is true that it is a substantial benefit for legacy resources holders who enter into formal agreement for services with ARIN, but beats the alternative - see below.

The far larger issue is that there are more than fifteen thousand legacy resource holders that are receiving ARIN’s basic registry services for free – this is because at the time of ARIN’s formation, the initial Board decided that those registry services would to be provided to existing number resource holders without the need to enter into an agreement and/or pay a fee (in recognition of their contributions to the early Internet) – a policy has been continued to this day.    It’s been more than two decades and these services continue to be effectively subsidized by the entire ARIN community, raising a valid question of how long that policy should be continued…  Alas, that’s probably a discussion best for another day as it is fairly far afield from the topic of this particular fee consultation.


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