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I read the proposal and said to myself, really? ARIN wrote this and thought it isn’t crazy?
I suggest that tickets are retained for 18 months. That allows tickets to live past 1 renewal cycle of the ARIN account the NL user is registered with.

3 months (90 days) is insufficient time to resolve tickets, we often have tickets open longer, and may need to refer to an older ticket to resolve the open ticket.
18 months seems like an ideal tradeoff between needing to purge data (for performance, and ARIN liability, which you didn’t mention, noticed that) and have enough retention to complete complex, multi-ticket issues.

Steve -

Note that this change would only apply to very specific tickets; those tickets which are associated with requests for the specific listed reports (Associations reports, WhoWas reports, Reassignment reports, User Reassignment reports)

While most action on the ARIN Online happen immediately, generation of these reports takes a bit of time, hence tickets are opened up for these requests so that the user can continue and do other tasks.

The proposed change would not affect the retention of the typical (non-report request) tickets.

Does this clarify?


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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