[ARIN-consult] (late) comments on IRR roadmap

Andrew Gallo akg1330 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 09:34:09 EDT 2018

I realize this is being sent well after the consultation closed, but I 
figured not sending it was a guaranteed way to be ignored, while sending 
it might have an effect (even if part of that effect is giving me grief 
for being so late!)

Yes, improving the IRR is a good idea

If the plan is to keep email templates, then for the love of all that is 
holy, please make them work better- fix (or at least document) password 
restrictions, fix mysterious syntax parsing failures.  Web UI and/or 
REST API would be a welcome addition.

What to do with the current service and data- deprecate the service, 
lock it as read-only, maybe change the FQDN to legacyrr.arin.net.   Only 
allow objects to be copied once the maintainer reviews and approves.

Interactions with RPKI- this is where things get interesting.  For new 
routes created in the IRR, check RPKI.  If no covering ROA exists, alert 
user, possibly prompt user to create a ROA.  Even better, make it a 
check box (assuming use of the web UI).   For ROAs that have no 
corresponding route object, what about automatically creating it and 
listing the source as 'ARIN RPKI.'  This would make RPKI more useful to 
existing workflows that use IRR data.

My last point may not be for ARIN specifically, but IRR operation in 
general.  If you're going to run an IRR and accept proxy registrations, 
then the current and any future organizations holding those resources 
become de-facto, fee-free customers of both the IRR and organization 
requesting the proxy registration.  Please don't ignore requests to 
remove and/or correct objects.

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