[ARIN-consult] Consultation on Proposed 2018 Fee Schedule Changes

Steve Noble snoble at sonn.com
Mon Apr 9 15:49:46 EDT 2018

Hi John,

This is a significant change and while you may personally view it as 
"modest increase", calling it so for those of us with a single object, 
is incorrect.  I have personally been forced to pay this fee even when 
ARIN refused to provide any services to me and note: ARIN has not 
refunded the money paid while you refused to provide any services, 
especially the ones you list below. If you are claiming that it costs 
$150 a year to have an entry in a whois server, I disagree, if nothing 
else it should be going down.  If you are saying that we should all pay 
the same whether we have more objects or need more help, I also 
disagree, you should charge end users based on their usage.

Looking at your tax filings, In 2015, you reported that more than half 
of your expenses were compensation at 9.1MM. For 2016 the number appears 
to be 10.8MM.  As Mr. Herrin noted, other organizations that have the 
same level of complexity, can do the work with significantly less 
engineers.  As a non-profit you should be focused on delivering value to 
your customers, not charging more for the same service.

For those who are interested, you can find the 990 filings for ARIN here 
: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/541860956

John Curran wrote:
>     For the vast majority end-users, the fee change results in a 
> modest $100 to $150 annual increase –depending on
>     whether the organization has only one of IPv4 or IPv6 and an ASN, 
> or both IPv4 block, IPv6 block, and an ASN.
>     While the total impact is still quite small in terms of individual 
> end-user invoice, it is true that it could be deemed
>     a very significant increase when viewed on a percentage basis. 
>  This increase is not without corresponding value,
>     as the  services provided have been quite enhanced over time 
> (including improvements to ARIN Online allowing
>     easier administration, addition two-factor authentication, 
> streamlined request and ticket sections, etc.) so those
>     using ARIN services have indeed benefitted from ARIN’s investments 
> in staff and systems in recent years.

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