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John Curran said:
> ARIN (along with the other RIRs) is inevitably involved in setting the strategic direction for the evolution of the Internet Number registry system.

This example of why a larger and (hopefully) more diverse board would be helpful seems to me an odd example. “ARIN (along with the other RIRs)” results in a larger group with more diverse experience and certainly geographically diverse outlooks. A few more on one of the geographic participants doesn’t seem to be necessary in this case.

Mel -

  Excellent point - while the RIRs collectively set the Internet number registry system direction, that’s actually the outcome of the individual RIR processes.

  Our coordination with the other RIRs is primarily operational activities based on the NRO and ASO MOU’s that we have in place – our strategic alignment occurs because each community sets a similar direction as developed via its own RIR processes, or as the result of public processes that we set up for a specific purpose (such as the IANA Stewardship Transition plan development.)

  There’s good anti-trust reasons that each RIR must set its own direction, and additionally we routinely face topics that must be considered in confidence but principally affect only the ARIN-region community (such as the NANOG formation example.)  This combination of factors limits our ability to utilize other RIR Boards when weighing ARIN decisions about strategic matters.


John Curran
President and CEO

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