[ARIN-consult] How does this improve Diversity? Community Consultation on Increasing the Size of the ARIN Board of Trustees

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Hi John

Just to clarify, I did not infer adding term limits would increase diversity.  Term limits would only increase change and "opportunity" in the people occupying a seat.  On that note, if the BOT only wants to create "opportunity", then the BOT can implement term limits without increasing quantity and get the same results.

Increasing the number of seats will not increase diversity.  The "opportunity" is a falsity due to the existing statistics that exist in ethnicity, sex, employment ect that are involved in the ARIN region.  Either the membership accepts the nature of our region and promotes the heck out of diverse people they want on the BOT or the BOT implements qualifiers to seats.


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Hi Jason

I would support modifying the next one or two seats up for election to have diversity qualifiers implemented into the requirements.

If someone can explain how adding seats in addition to diversity requirements will help, I will entertain that.

Marla -

   Adding additional seats will not assure Board diversity, nor would adding term limits.

   However, presuming that nominees with diverse background are on the slate of candidates
   for the election, then having more seats up for election provides additional opportunities for
   the membership to elect them as trustees (and even more so in any year that the number of
   openings exceeds the number of incumbents, such would be the case during the phase-in
   years of the three additional seats.)

   Does adding three more seats insure diversity of background on the Board?  Absolutely not.

   Does it provide increase opportunity for candidates with more diverse backgrounds to be
   elected?  I believe that is definitely the case, but will also be the first t admit that we could
   go through the process and end up with a larger Board no more diverse than at present.
   Such an outcome would be unfortunate, but would also be the result of clear member
   preference after a change specifically to encourage increased diversity, and thus quite
   informative regardless.


John Curran
President and CEO


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