[ARIN-consult] Reminder: Consultation on Increasing the size of the ARIN Board of Trustees

Brian Jones bjones at vt.edu
Tue Jun 6 15:14:39 EDT 2017

See inline comments.

On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 2:59 PM David Farmer <farmer at umn.edu> wrote:

> I agree with Jason and Rob, simply expanding the number of board seats
> without some mechanism to ensure that the new seats actually expand
> diversity is not helpful, and I can not support such a change.  I will note
> it is theoretically possible that, the membership will fill the new Board
> seats with a more diverse set of board members, but it is equally, if not
> more, likely that they will not, and the board will look much as it does
> today but slightly larger.  A slightly larger board that has more diversity
> is a fair trade-off and I support such a change

+1 There has to be something to measure against in order to realize the
goal of a more diverse board.

if it includes a mechanism to ensure that the new seats actually expand
> diversity.

I don't think a regional representation system would be helpful over all,
> it wouldn't necessarily help increasing the number of women on the board,
> and it would formalize a constituency for some board members that isn't the
> whole membership, and I'm not sure that would be a healthy change either.
> As an alternative, I would propose that the board earmark the additional
> seat in each class for candidates with particular divers properties that
> are underrepresented on the board.  Currently, I see the most pressing lack
> of diversity being women in general and anyone from the Caribbean.  So I
> would propose that the extra seat for the 1st and 3rd class of broad
> members be earmarked for women, and the extra seat in the 2nd class be
> earmarked for someone from the Caribbean.  Overtime if the make up of the
> board changes the earmarks could be changed to select candidates with other
> divers properties or if in the future it is felt that sufficient diversity
> can be maintained without earmarks, the earmarks could be eliminated.

The earmark idea for each additional seat seems like a good idea. I could
also agree with Dave’s suggestions of a seat earmarked for women and one
for the Caribbean, if those are the two areas the board/membership finds
most necessary to add in order to balance out diversity needs.

> Under this proposal, there would be two(2) general seats with the current
> qualifications, and one special diversity seat per class with the current
> qualifications plus additional diversity qualifications specified by the
> board, maybe with input from the community and/or the nomcom.
I support the three seat proposal as long as there is general consensus
among board/membership concerning what elements determines diversity
requirements for each so we can tell when those requirements are met.

Brian E Jones CSM, CSPO
Network Infrastructure & Services
Virginia Tech
bjones at vt.edu

> Thanks.
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