[ARIN-consult] Community Consultation on IRR Route Validation

Tauber, Tony Tony_Tauber at cable.comcast.com
Thu Mar 19 10:16:54 EDT 2015

On 3/17/15, 2:16 PM, "Job Snijders" <job at ntt.net> wrote:

>Dear ARIN & operators,
>On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 01:30:50PM -0400, ARIN wrote:
>> The following suggestions submitted via the ARIN Consultation and
>> Suggestion Process (ACSP) are related to the topic of validation between
>> an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) and the ARIN registry database.
>> * 2015.3: Tie Route Objects in IRR to Netblocks of RIR Database
>> * 2014.30: Reflect Returns in IRR Data
>> * 2008.14: Construct Validated IRR Data
>> * Should ARIN begin a new project to enable IRR route object
>> validation to the ARIN registry database?
>> * If yes, should this effort be coordinated with other RIRs to help
>> facilitate cross-registry authentication?
>Yes, without doubt.
>> * If yes, should this effort also support third party IRR route object
>> authentication?

I agree and vote ³yes² to all three also but would like to confirm what
standard(s) would used to do these things.


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