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I believe it would be in the best interest of the Internet community to have a well maintained IRR by ARIN.

I believe ARIN is in a unique position to do this.  ARIN has a direct relationship with the organizations to which it allocates number resources to, and a contact which is regularly billed (for resources under RSA) and POCs which are validated annually.

Having an IRR which necessarily reflects this registration data (as SWIP does today) would be good for the community.

Allowing resource holders to document downstream (proxy) registration details of their re-allocates or re-assignments would also be good.  This could be closely coupled with SWIP or RWhois.

Allowing holders of re-allocates or assignments to document their usage would be good to the extent ARIN can verify that are the authentic resource holder.  Perhaps some of the RPKI machinery could be useful here.

The other RIRs are in the same unique position as ARIN, and ARIN should work with them to ensure this service can be provided globally if they wish to participate.

I do not believe ARIN should undertake work to establish or maintain an IRR which can be updated by anyone, nor should it mirror databases that do.

If ARIN cannot determine who is an authentic resource holder (by virtue of their existing relationship with the resource holder) or if they cannot keep the IRR data closely coupled with the registry data, then they should not maintain an IRR.

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