Jay Borkenhagen jayb at braeburn.org
Fri Apr 17 14:38:51 EDT 2015

Thank you, Jason, for stating these thoughts so well and so
succinctly.  I agree with you 100%.

To rephrase one of Jason's points just slightly for emphasis: in my
opinion it makes no sense for ARIN to offer an IRR that permits
publication of data disagreeing with ARIN's number resource
allocations.  I know that ARIN's IRR permits this today, but it should

Thank you.
						Jay B.

On 17-April-2015, Jason Schiller writes:
 > I believe it would be in the best interest of the Internet community to
 > have a well maintained IRR by ARIN.
 > I believe ARIN is in a unique position to do this.  ARIN has a direct
 > relationship with the organizations to which it allocates number resources
 > to, and a contact which is regularly billed (for resources under RSA) and
 > POCs which are validated annually.
 > Having an IRR which necessarily reflects this registration data (as SWIP
 > does today) would be good for the community.
 > Allowing resource holders to document downstream (proxy) registration
 > details of their re-allocates or re-assignments would also be good.  This
 > could be closely coupled with SWIP or RWhois.
 > Allowing holders of re-allocates or assignments to document their usage
 > would be good to the extent ARIN can verify that are the authentic resource
 > holder.  Perhaps some of the RPKI machinery could be useful here.
 > The other RIRs are in the same unique position as ARIN, and ARIN should
 > work with them to ensure this service can be provided globally if they wish
 > to participate.
 > I do not believe ARIN should undertake work to establish or maintain an IRR
 > which can be updated by anyone, nor should it mirror databases that do.
 > If ARIN cannot determine who is an authentic resource holder (by virtue of
 > their existing relationship with the resource holder) or if they cannot
 > keep the IRR data closely coupled with the registry data, then they should
 > not maintain an IRR.
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