[ARIN-consult] IANA Transition survey questions (was: ARIN Community Consultation on the ICG RFP Response Process)

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Sun Oct 12 10:09:38 EDT 2014

On Oct 1, 2014, at 11:35 AM, ARIN <info at arin.net> wrote:

> In this community consultation, ARIN seeks your input on the following
> questions:
> 1. Is the process outlined above for response development in the ARIN
> region sufficient or are any changes needed?

As a result of the discussion on this list and during the ARIN 34 meeting,
we will proceed with the ARIN regional process as outlined.  

Noting the significant concern expressed during the meeting regarding lack 
of information about the process for developing an overall RIR community 
proposal for IANA stewardship transition, we will redouble efforts to come 
to agreement with the other RIR's on the overall process, and once done 
will get the details published to the community expeditiously. 

> 2. Do we need a dedicated mailing list in the ARIN region for conducting
> the community discussion on this topic, or does an existing ARIN list
> such as arin-consult, arin-discuss, or PPML suffice? If a new list is
> created for this purpose, should it be prepopulated with subscribers
> from another list?

There was significant support for a new mailing list for the ARIN regional
consultation, and so we will create an "iana-transition at arin.net" mailing 
list for the purpose of developing an ARIN community proposal for IANA 
stewardship transition.  Once this list is available, we will send 
information out on how to subscribe.

> 3. ARIN intends to conduct a community survey from October 13 to October
> 20th to aid in development of a response - please review the three draft
> survey questions (attached) and provide any suggestions or comments for
> improvement.
> Please provide comments on the above points to arin-consult at arin.net.
> Discussion of the process and these points will occur on
> arin-consult at arin.net mailing list through 10 October 2014.

We intend to issue the community survey tomorrow, and have revised 
the survey questions the IANA Stewardship Transition discussion that 
took place during ARIN 34.  My thanks to those in the community who 
raised concerns, and to the ARIN Advisory Council members who aided 
in revising the questions (which are attached for reference.)

Please take a moment to complete the survey (once announced tomorrow) 
and encourage others in the region who have an interest in this topic
to also complete it.  


John Curran
President and CEO

=== Final Survey Questions

For each of the following questions, please indicate your level of agreement on a scale 
of 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree).    Skip any question for which you have 
no opinion - you may also provide a free-form input in response to any question.

1) ICANN has historically managed the operation of Internet number resource-related IANA functions well.

2) ICANN should to continue to manage operation of the Internet number resource-related IANA functions.

3) There is a need for an external IANA oversight mechanism to replace the oversight provided y NTIA's present contracting role.

4) Any new IANA oversight mechanism should make the RIRs accountable for the management of the IANA functions related to the Internet number resources.

5) The RIR communities should be able to terminate the contract to perform the numbering-related IANA functions if the IANA operator does not perform well or abuses its position.

6) The number resource community is represented in any accountability processes by the membership-based Regional Internet Registry organizations.

7) The IANA transition should go forward regardless of the outcome of the ICANN enhanced accountability process.

8) The DNS community must be satisfied with the status of the ICANN enhanced accountability process before the IANA transition takes place.

9) It is important to keep policy making functions separate from IANA functions.

10) Funding arrangements to cover the staff, equipment and other operational costs associated with operation of the IANA functions should be transparent and stable.


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