[ARIN-consult] Open Suggestion Review and Project Prioritization Survey

Vicky Cox vicky at twtelecom.net
Fri Apr 11 18:18:48 EDT 2014

      * 2013.22: Sunsetting of RWhois support -

Not supporting, however if implemented there would still need to be 
support for whois commands, so that older servers would still be able to 
access the new rwhois replacement.

Most of the following already appear to be accepted, but including 
anyway and ordered for priority.

      * 2013.27: POC Validation Messaging Destination -


      * 2013.29: Improve ARIN Online Form Time-Out Behavior -


      * 2013.28: POC Validation Message Removal Upon Validation -


      * 2014.4: Support HTTPS for Whois-RWS -


      * 2014.6: RPKI ROAs with an origin of AS0 -


Vicky Cox
tw telecom

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