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I would suggest a slight modification to this suggestion; one record of
each type (ASN, IPv4, IPv6) be included per end-user ord-id and then
$100 for each additional record.  Its still 3 records, but not 3 records
of any type, one of each type that a typical organization would need.
If some organizations need additional resources of particular types they
pay more, but a typical organization gets what it needs for a flat fee.

Particularly, in the case of IPv6; This means that IPv6 is a one time
fee only for any end-user organization that already has either an ASN,
IPv4, or both resources, no change to the annual fee for most
organizations to receive IPv6.

Furthermore, this would set the precedence that if there were additional
new resource types created in the future, that are generally needed by
most organization, they should be included with the base end-user Org-id
annual fee.

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