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Schiller, Heather A heather.schiller at verizon.com
Tue Nov 13 13:27:58 EST 2012

I'm pretty sure ARIN already uses the count of total addresses within an ORG as the basis for the fee?  For example, if an org has 4 non-contiguous /22's (a /20 worth of IP's) they bill at Small (/20-/19) 

I do think the wording could be improved.. Allocation or assignment size instead of "block size"


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> On Nov 12, 2012, at 5:00 PM, "Mr. James W. Laferriere" <babydr at baby-dragons.com> wrote:
>> With the reduced fee's for an end user /24 (what looks to me as) $100 .
>>   This would reduce my heart ache quite a bit .  I already have an ASN
>>   (19274) for which I pay the $100 annual maintenance fee .
>>   My question is what would my end user fee be for this combination , ipv4/24 & ASN be ?
> As proposed, there would be a $100/yr end-user maintenance fee for 
> each of the IPv4 block and for each AS number (for a total of 
> $200/year in your example)
> There has been some discussion to include end-user maintenance for 1 
> IPv4 block, 1 IPv6 block, and 1 AS number for a single $100 annual 
> fee, and $100 for each additional resource.  If that change is 
> adopted, your total would be $100/year.

I also find it interesting that under the current proposed end-user restructuring, a small multihomer that has a /23, a /24, and a /48 with an ASN would have their fees quadruple from $100/year to $400/year while a very large corporate legacy holder (e.g. Apple, HP, MIT) that still refuses to sign the LRSA or ANY RSA would have their fees remain at $0.

Perhaps it would be worth while to consider as part of this fee restructuring:

1.	Removing the fee exemption for legacy holders.
2.	Basing the fees on total address holdings rather than number of blocks.


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