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>> my understanding is:
>> for v4/22 + v6/48, it would be $500+$500, so $250 less.
>> but v4/21 + v6/48, it would be $1000+$500, I think.
> I believe this is incorrect.
> You would pay the higher of the IPv6 or IPv4 fees by size. Also, you would not pay any ASN fee if you have number resources.
> Using your examples:
> for v4/22 + v6/48, it would be $500.
> for v4/21 + v6/48, it would be $1000.
> Board, et al... Please correct me if I am wrong.

Apologies for not catching this sooner...  You are correct, ISPs pay 
a single annual fee for the smallest category which accommodates both 
their IPv4 and IPv6 number resource holdings.  For an ISP which has
a /22 (or smaller) IPv4 and a /48 (or smaller) IPv6 resources, this is
the new XX-small category with a $500 annual fee.  

The full proposed registration services fee schedule is contained on page 
10 of the pdf presentation here - 


John Curran
President and CEO

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