[consult] "Removal of WHOIS Query Result Limit" revisited

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Fri Mar 23 16:06:32 EDT 2007

Prompted by the fact that I might not have network access over the 
weekend or until the end of the consultation process I'd like to 
throw the following input on the table.

1) At the previous Public Policy meeting CRISP (really IRIS) was presented.

I can't find a count of the hands raised (somewhere there was a count 
of 6 interested and 9 wanted a prototype which caused some confusion 
- about motivation) at the end, but I thought there was a significant 
amount of interest in this.  (Question to staff - is there a record 
of the counts at the end of the presentation?  Is my question clear?)

Assuming there is will to look further into IRIS, my suggestion is to 
use this as a trial balloon for IRIS.  I.e., IRIS clients with 
approoriate credentials get un-capped results.

2) I don't want to penalize those that need access now by waiting for 
a decision on #1 and then, if it is a "go for it" implementation and 
deployment, there be some method for larger responses.  I would 
prefer at least an off-line option, like emailing in the query to the 
hostmasters and have the result mailed back.

I wouldn't mind just upping the limit but I have 2 reasons to be 
negative on that.  First, there's the "if the limit is raised, then 
why bother with the IRIS experiment.  That's a cheap reason I admit. 
Second, there's the "we set the limit for a reason and it would be 
unwise to just blow it off without realizing the tradeoff of risks." 
That's harder to quantify but a bit more real than the former reason.

3) Raise the limit a bit.  Maybe from 256 to 260.  No, kidding.  Up 
to 1024 maybe.  But that is arbitrary.

4) Promote the issue and ask for anyone who has been limited and felt 
they had a legit need to get the data (as opposed to "it was a 
mistake") to register the event and ask the staff to report the 
activity at the meeting in October.

These suggestions are more like wild ideas than something I'd argue 
myself into a corner over.

I have a question...if the output of this consultation is to generate 
a policy proposal, will this have to wait for the October meeting as 
it is close to the April meeting already?  And, who is going to be 
the stuckee to generate it?

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