[consult] ARIN staff input on WHOIS Query Result Limits

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue Mar 20 05:07:31 EDT 2007

At 15:57 -0400 3/19/07, Member Services wrote:
>ARIN currently does not track the frequency that WHOIS responses are
>truncated. If ARIN were asked to track and report on this number, the
>results would include both valid uses of WHOIS and questionable uses of
>WHOIS. Absent a judgment-based analysis of the queries, the results
>provided would not correlate to the actual number of users impacted by
>the 256 response limit.
>ARIN rarely sees requests from people asking for expanded WHOIS queries
>for organizations and their associated resources such as the ones that
>Heather mentions. If we had to give an approximate number for those
>received within the last year, it would probably be less
>than 5 requests.

Given this latter paragraph, it sounds to me that the incremental 
benefit to altering the current situation would be low, unless the 
burden of the 5 requests on the client is quite high.  (Heather?) 
This assumes that the estimate is only around 5, that there isn't a 
silent majority that hasn't "spoken up."  (I doubt it in this case, 
but that's the question.)

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