[consult] Additional background information

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Sun Mar 18 08:33:42 EDT 2007

Thanks for this input, this is what is really needed to start the 
discussion on the topic.  (The official problem statement is too 

First, uh, some questions I have (these are for clarification, not to 
criticize): is how much trouble is it to use non-automated means to 
get this information?  Can you (now) just submit a free-form request 
via mail to hostmaster and receive the data back in a later email? 
How much of a pain is it?  How hard is it to justify the request? 
How long do you have to wait for the response, especially relative to 
your deadline for getting the answer (or relative to when you are 
prepared to deal with the answer).  This last question is rather 
odd-ball, so let me retry - when you ask for the data are you already 
in a position where you need the answer to proceed with a request, 
and has there been times you had to delay an answer because you had 
to wait for the data.

Second set directed at the staff/hostmasters: How often to you see 
requests like those Heather mentions - I mean, not how often from 
Heather/Verizon but across the board?  Is this a general problem? 
(The answer maybe skewed because another ISP may not think to ask for 
the data once denied by the WhoIs server.)

I think that it is quite acceptable that this is a need for ISPs and 
not for the general public.  (I'll plug IRIS here - with IRIS a 
client can authenticate as an ISP POC and then be allowed to have the 
higher limit.   Yadda, yadda, yadda.  Perhaps standing up an 
experimental IRIS server and handing out credentials that allow 
over-size responses is something that can be put to trial.)

Also - I sent an earlier mail asking for input from the staff.  As 
this consultation is supposed to end soon, it would be real nice if 
there was a response from the staff (including "we can't give that 
feedback") in time to respond before the imposed discussion 
termination deadline.

At 3:29 +0000 3/17/07, Heather Skanks wrote:

>Since I'm the person who submitted the request, I'm happy to provide some
>information on how we've been impacted.

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Sarcasm doesn't scale.

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