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ARIN Bits: September 2018

In this issue:

**ARIN 42 in Vancouver Next Month – Agenda Now Available**
**Vote in ARIN Elections Beginning 4 October**
**Regenie Fräser Appointed to the ARIN Board of Trustees for 2019**
**Current Draft Policies Under Discussion**
**ARIN Releases Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) Repository**
**ARIN Customer Lunches in October - Registration Now Open**
**New Features Added to ARIN Online in September 2018**
**ARIN Outreach – WISPAPALOOZA, Technology Exchange, EDUCAUSE, Canadian 
ISP Summit**
**Featured Policy Requirement**
**Tip from ARIN’s Registration Services Department**
**Customer and Member Statistics as of 31 August 2018**
**Helpful IPv6 Links**
**Stay Engaged with ARIN**

**ARIN 42 in Vancouver Next Month – Agenda Now Available**

ARIN 42 is just a few weeks away! We hope to see you in Vancouver from 
4-5 October at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver, directly following NANOG 74 
in the same location. This will be a great opportunity to engage in 
policy discussions, network with colleagues, learn more about ARIN 
services and operations, and attend workshops and tutorials.

If you can’t join us in Vancouver, remote participation is always an 
option and can be equally rewarding! In an effort to create a truly open 
community forum, ARIN provides meeting materials, live transcripts, and 
webcasts so you can be part of the action, wherever you are. Remote 
attendees will also have access to a live chat as well as voting options 
to make sure your voice is heard. It’s the next best thing if you can’t 
be there in person. Be sure to join in for the policy discussions and 
also for candidate speeches on Thursday afternoon.

To view the agenda for ARIN 42, visit:


To register for ARIN 42 as an onsite or remote participant, visit:


To register and learn more about NANOG 74, visit:


**Vote in ARIN Elections Beginning 4 October**

It’s almost time to vote in the 2018 ARIN Elections! Elections for two 
seats on the ARIN Board of Trustees, five seats on the ARIN Advisory 
Council, and one seat on the Number Resource Organization Number Council 
(NRO NC) will be held online 4-12 October. To view a compilation of 
candidate biographies and questionnaire responses, visit:


Statements of Support can be made and viewed at:


When it comes time to vote, eligible Voting Contacts from General 
Members in Good Standing should log in to ARIN Online and look for the 
"Vote Now" message on the dashboard. Additionally, all NANOG 74 and ARIN 
42 meeting attendees registered for these meetings by 27 September (and 
who are not ARIN Voting Contacts) will be sent an email on 4 October 
with a link to vote in the NRO Number Council election.

Happy voting!

If you have any questions about elections, email members at arin.net.

**Regenie Fräser Appointed to the ARIN Board of Trustees for 2019**

ARIN is pleased to announce that during their 31 July 2018 Board of 
Trustees Board meeting, ARIN Trustees unanimously agreed to appoint Ms. 
Regenie Fräser to serve a one-year term on the ARIN Board of Trustees 
effective 1 January 2019, and in observer status in the interim period. 
Ms. Fräser served as the Secretary General of the Caribbean Association 
of National Telecommunication Organizations from 2004-2015.

The appointment is part of the ARIN Trustees ongoing commitment to Board 
diversity and fulfills the April Call for Volunteers of Caribbean 

ARIN congratulates Ms. Fräser on her appointment and looks forward to 
her participation within and contributions to ARIN Board of Trustees and 
the community.

**Current Draft Policies Under Discussion**

Find the full text and status of current policy discussions at 
https://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/ and subscribe to ARIN-PPML 
(Public Policy Mailing List) to voice your opinions. Membership is not 
required to participate!

Recommended Draft Policies:

-ARIN-2017-12: Require New POC Validation Upon Reassignment
-ARIN-2018-1: Allow Inter-regional ASN Transfers
-ARIN-2018-3: Remove Reallocation Requirements for Residential Market 

Draft Policies:

-ARIN-2018-2: Clarification to ISP Initial Allocation and Permit Renumbering
-ARIN-2018-4: Clarification on Temporary Sub-Assignments

**ARIN Releases Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) Repository**

In response to community suggestion 2018.1: Revision Management System 
for NRPM, ARIN is pleased to announce the release of the Number Resource 
Policy Manual (NRPM) Repository, a Markdown-based revision history 
interface utilizing the Git version control system.

This repository is hosted at 
https://bitbucket.org/arin-rir/number-resource-policy-manual and is 
available as a public resource that will be maintained alongside the 
current HTML format for all NRPM versions going forward.

The repository contains a single Markdown file with a commit history 
spanning all 46 NRPM iterations and a user-friendly web interface for 
viewing differences between versions.

This repository is also available via standard Git commands for those 
familiar with using Git for code and documentation repositories.

**ARIN Customer Lunches in October - Registration Now Open**

Representatives from ARIN customer organizations in the Indianapolis and 
Chicago areas are invited to join us for our newest initiative, ARIN 
Lunch by the Numbers.

These lunches are specifically tailored to ARIN customer organizations 
who may not have much visibility into the inner workings of ARIN. During 
lunch, ARIN staff will present you with an informal overview of current 
ARIN activities and services. Afterward, there will be plenty of time 
for questions and for you, our valued community members, to provide us 
with feedback. We will have a Registration Services Help Desk at each 
event, so please bring any specific questions about your resources.

Registration is free and is now open for both events:

ARIN Lunch by the Numbers: Indianapolis
Tuesday, 30 October 2018
11:45 AM to 2:00 PM

ARIN Lunch by the Numbers: Chicago
Wednesday, 31 October 2018
11:45 AM to 2:00 PM

**New Features Added to ARIN Online in September 2018**

-We completed a number of infrastructure improvements and performed 
multiple bug fixes.
-Whois now provides an error response when it receives a forward domain 
query that does not include qualifiers or flags.
-Changes were made in ARIN’s system to improve the speed of network and 
ASN transfers.
-RPKI now allows input and certification of Direct Assignment (DS) and 
Direct Allocation (DA) resources that are under Early Registration 
Transfer (ERX) Project space as well as DS and DA resources that are top 
legacy networks.
-For RDAP queries on the Origin AS field, the results are limited to 256 

**ARIN Outreach – WISPAPALOOZA, Technology Exchange, EDUCAUSE, Canadian 
ISP Summit**

This fall, we’ll be participating in events across our region, 
discussing topics like IPv6, transfers, updating info in Whois, and 
more. Stop by and see us if you plan to be there.  See 
TeamARIN.net/events for more details.

**Featured Policy Requirement**

Did you know that under section 5 of NRPM, you can request an Autonomous 
System number (AS Number) from ARIN even if you don’t have IPv4 or IPv6 
addresses directly registered with ARIN? You can use an ARIN issued AS 
number for use with IPv4 or IPv6 addresses which have been issued by 
your Internet Service Provider.

**Tip from ARIN’s Registration Services Department**

A ticket cannot be re-opened once it has closed. All tickets in ARIN 
Online close after three months of inactivity. A notification that your 
ticket will auto-close is sent 15 days prior to closure. To keep the 
ticket open, simply reply to the ticket, and the auto-close clock will 
reset. If you did not intend to let a ticket close, you must submit a 
new ticket. In the new ticket, reference the ticket number for the 
ticket that closed. If any utilization or other time sensitive 
information was provided in the previous ticket, you may want to include 
updated current information in the new ticket.

**Customer and Member Statistics as of 31 August 2018**

-5,851 member organizations
-604 8.3 transfers and 103 8.4 transfers completed YTD 2018
-8.4 transfers completed YTD 2018: 50 to APNIC, 7 from APNIC, 41 to RIPE 
NCC, 5 from RIPE NCC
-58.1% of members have an IPv6 block

**Helpful IPv6 Links**

-Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 Deployment - 
https://www.arin.net/policy/nrpm.html#four10 - under this policy, ARIN 
set aside a contiguous /10 IPv4 block for allocations and assignments 
justified by immediate IPv6 deployment requirements. This block is 
subject to a minimum size allocation of /28 and a maximum size 
allocation of /24.
-List of IPv6 Training Consultants - 
-Software Developers Guide to Writing and Migrating Network Applications 
for Use on IPv6 Networks - 
-IPv6 Number Planning - https://www.arin.net/resources/ipv6_planning.html

**Stay Engaged with ARIN**

Check out www.TeamARIN.net for our latest blogs, including recent posts 
about publishing simple reassignment data via ARIN’s Reg-RWS API, 
finding out if you have unclaimed IPv4 address space, the top 10 reasons 
to attend ARIN 42, and IPv6 case studies.

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